Whole Living Academy FAQs

What is Whole Living Academy?
Whole Living Academy is a culturally-sound, secular curriculum provider and learning resource center. Whole Living Academy is staffed with professional teachers available every school day to help students enrolled in live courses in every school subject.  In addition, free self-paced curriculum is curated for K - 8 students to access through the school year.

It is recommended that parents enrolling their students communicate with their local school district or visit HSLDA to ensure they are meeting the minimum state requirements as well as following any local school district laws.  For parents enrolled in live classes, we will also verify laws in your state to actively collaborate in meeting all requirements.

Parents are responsible for tracking attendance and creating student portfolios using materials from the courses according to the laws in your state.  For parents enrolled in live courses, we will provide active support and guidance in creating student portfolios.  

When can my student start?
Whole Living Academy currently provides live courses and self-paced curriculum for grades 1 - 8.  We encourage you to consult the mandatory attendance regulations in your state for specific start ages.

What academic resources are included with my enrollment?

Academic resources and features include:

  • Full-year curated self-paced curriculum
  • Nine 45-minute live sessions per week with Core Courses Plan (Math, ELA, and Science; Max Class Size: 15 students)
  • Teacher Support for all students enrolled in live classes
  • Available Electives

Homeschooling regulations vary from state to state; so, we encourage parents review local homeschooling regulations at the start of the school year.

What is the parent's role?

Engage with your children daily to ensure they are completing assignments, attending live courses, and receiving regular in-person support.  Keep track of your children's daily attendance.  Review homeschooling regulations in your area to ensure you meet current mandates.  Compile your children's homeschooling portfolios, as designated by your state, with the provided materials along with any auxiliary resources.

Our goal is to support students and parents with curriculum and live courses to provide a foundation for an academically-strong homeschooling experience.   Please remain active in your children's daily educational activities.

If we don’t like online learning, are we committed to the entire year?
Families who withdraw within the first 30 days are obligated for the first tuition payment. These charges are not refunded. Subsequent months charged per month are non-refundable.  Parents who have paid the school year in advance can receive a 20% refund or transfer the remaining months to a different student or service.

Academic Schedule

When does the school year begin?

Whole Living Academy's live courses and self-paced curriculum access will begin September 1, 2020.  

How does the self-paced curriculum work?

Whole Living Academy's curated self-paced curriculum has 180 lesson days per grade level - accessible all year from September 1.  Students may complete their lessons during traditional school hours or at more convenient times, as appropriate for your family. 

How will the live courses work in my time zone?

Live courses are available at set times.  However, the self-paced curriculum is available 24/7.

Does Whole Living Academy offer summer school?

Whole Living Academy's self-paced curriculum is available all year.