Nikala Asante: 3rd - 6th Grade Math, English Language Arts and Science

Nikala Asante is an author, educator, and international human rights advocate from Houston, Texas.  Asante attended University of Houston, with a focus on Africana Studies and Instructional Technology. She used this as a platform to develop culturally-centered educational materials that are accessible both in print and online. In Asante's human rights work, she has traversed 12 countries such as Ghana, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Belize to engage in research and service.  Asante has published 11 books - which are available on Amazon, BJK Publishing, and Kamali Academy.  Currently, Asante lives full time in Belize and spends her time teaching online, writing, developing new programs, and nurturing her two children. 

Swatara Olushola: 3rd - 6th Grade Math, Science, English Language Arts

Swatara Olushola  has worked in education for 5 years and served as a community activist for over 12 years. Swatara has experience teaching all core subjects as a homeschooler and grassroots community educator. She is also a published author, designs African centered educational materials for children, and serves as a leader within the National Black United Front.  Although Swatara is a stellar educator, she is best known for her soulful yet healthy gourmet meals and phenomenal vocal abilities.  In addition, she loves sharing the ancient African tradition of hair braiding with children; yes, this will be an elective!  Swatara currently lives between Houston, Texas and Tanzania, East Africa with her husband and five children.

Jeska Washington: 7th - 8th Grade Science

With nearly 20 years in education, Jes’ka N.L. Washington has impacted communities in her roles as teacher, instructional specialist, vice principal and key strategist.  She developed a passion for working with middle years students after obtaining her undergraduate at Florida A&M University.  In 2008, she relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma to receive her masters in Educational Leadership, a move that propelled her into a District Specialist position in Texas, working with over 150 teachers in middle school math development.  Throughout this time, she created and designed curriculum in a variety of content areas, built instructional practices and trained teachers on how to empower their classrooms.  Further, Ms. Washington worked with administrative teams to improve their state rankings through testing and data driven results.

Currently, Ms. Washington is in Dubai working as Vice Principal in Curriculum, Assessment, Teaching and Learning.  During the 2019-2020 school year, she led her campus to a national rating of Good by raising the achievement and progress in over 20 areas, as well structuring the campus to receive the highest digital learning recognition.

Amber Aldredge: 7th - 8th Grade Math and English Language Arts

Amber Aldredge, MPA,  has worked in education for 15 years. She has also taught and tutored internationally in Swaziland and Somaliland. Amber has experience teaching English language arts, writing, and various levels of math. She also provides leadership development and college readiness for students. In her free time, Amber likes to bake and travel as much as possible.

Danielle Mason: Electives

Danielle Mason is an interdisciplinary artist, educator and writer from Houston, TX, currently pursuing a MFA in Creative Writing at Mills College in Oakland, CA. Her favorite hobbies include: African dance, quilting, photography and making cloth dolls with her two daughters. Danielle believes in offering a holistic approach to education where her teaching styles seek to synthesize learning with mental health and emotions wellness.  Danielle is excited to offer Intro to Holistic Health, Creative Writing, DIY, and Emotional Awareness classes to our youth!

Andrae Long: Electives

After graduating from the Ohio Center for Broadcasting in 2005, Andrae started working with children in 2007 after spending a year in NYC. Andrae went through an Afrocentric Rites of Passage called RIPPLES in 2008, and began teaching Rites Based Education in Charter and Public Schools.

From 2009 – 2012 Andrae studied Internal and Traditional Chinese Medicine with Dr. Frost, and Naturopathic Medicine with Dr. Africa. During this time, he became a Reiki Master, Massage Practitioner, Crystal Healer, Health Consultant, and a Taoist.  From 2012 – 2016 he learned and taught Community Organizing and Political Science. Andrae ran a congressional race in Cleveland on behalf of a Super PAC in Texas and eventually ran for office himself. Concurrently, he started a Summer Reading Program to help close the achievement gap for 100+ children every summer.

From 2014 – 2016, Andrae trained youth to be deliberative dialogue facilitators, and ran several programs at the local YMCA. He was also a Case Manager at the YMCA’s Prison Alternative High School.

Since 2016, he has been seriously devoted to learning and embodying the Tao. He began teaching Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Internal Alchemy in 2017. In 2018, he studied with the World’s Taoist Grand Master, Mantak Chia, on one of his annual visits to America. In 2019, he moved to Thailand to continue studying with Master Chia, becoming a Full Instructor in his Universal Healing Tao system.  Andrae is excited to offer Chi Gong, African History, and Nguzo Saba classes to the youth!