Whole Living Academy Summer Program 2021

Select your plan below and complete the sign up form.  We look forward to seeing your children in classes this summer!

Foundational Excellence

Do your children need an extra boost for the upcoming school year?  In Foundational Excellence, we apply an intense focus on the basic skills to succeed: Reading, Writing, and Math.  

Mondays and Wednesdays: 

Getting Ready for Middle School,10:30am - 12pm CST/11:30am - 1pm EST 

Getting Ready for High School, 1:45 - 3:15pm CST/2:45 - 4:15pm EST

Cost: $150/month for 10 weeks or single payment of $375.


Foundational Excellence + Electives

Foundational Excellence Courses on Mondays and Wednesdays plus Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship, Chi Gong, Deliberative Dialogue, World History, Creative Writing, Beginner's Swahili, African Martial Arts, Afro-Caribbean Dance, and Integrated Sciences.


Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship 12:15 - 1:00pm CST/1:15 - 2pm EST


Chi Gong 9:30 - 10:15am CST/10:30 - 11:15am EST

Deliberative Dialogue 10:30 - 11:15am CST/11:30am - 12:15pm EST

Braiding and Twisting 11:30am - 12:15pm CST/12:30 - 1:15pm EST

African Martial Arts 12:30pm - 1:15pm CST/1:30 - 2:15pm EST

Drawing and Painting 2pm CST/3pm EST


Creative Writing (ages 10 and up) 12:15 - 1:00pm CST/1:15 - 2pm EST


Chi Gong 9:30 - 10:15am CST/10:30 - 11:15am EST

World History 10:30 - 11:15am CST/11:30am - 12:15pm EST

Basic Swahili 11:30am - 12:15pm CST/12:30 - 1:15pm EST

Afrobeat Dance and Drum 12:30pm - 1:15pm CST/1:30 - 2:15pm EST

Integrated Science (Science Projects) 2pm CST/3pm EST



Electives Only